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The Finca Justus Frantz

Finca Justus Frantz is a unique place, with a special light, with complete privacy, with a great variety of colours painted by nature itself, with clean and pure air that allows us to enjoy the five senses of a privileged place on the island of Gran Canaria.




The House of the Musicians

Galeria Large rooms with large windows, natural materials and a select decoration make music and inspiration are always present.

The House of the Guanches

Galeria The two bedrooms are individual buildings with a very natural and authentic decor which features a large fireplace and a bunk bed extraordinary measures.

Outdoor Area

Galeria It is a unique place, with a special light and complete privacy with a variety of colors painted by the very nature and clean air and pure.

Small Farm

Galeria Our guests are delighted smaller: donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, a chicken, cats and our Finca cute pig Luise form a "residential community".

Tennis Court

Galeria Steffi Graf is a former World No. 1 German tennis player known as greatest tennis player of all time women.

Poolside Cabana

Galeria Cozy cottage near the pool and with wonderful views of inspiring books for some novelists.

Our swimming pool

Galeria It is a unique place, with a special light and complete privacy with a variety of colors painted by the very nature and clean air and pure.

Sauna Therapy

Galeria The sauna has beneficial effects on the body, releasing, through sweating, which is usually abundant and fast, toxins and stimulate circulation.


Festival Justus Frantz & Friends

Once a year the famous Finca Festival takes place. The concerts are held in the Holy Mount of the sacred hill of peace. We look forward to welcoming you! Justus Frantz. Always attentive* to the Festival calendar.

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Reports Photography

Everything in this garden exudes tranquility, it's ponds and woods offer you unimaginable places that you can carried away with when taking pictures. Let/allow* your photographer make the most of you in order to immortalize your best moments.

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The Wine Pentagrama

Canary Islands is one of the most unique places in the world for thousands of reasons. One of them is for its historical association and singularities related to world of wine. Discover the excellences and peculiarities of the viticulture of the islands through a wine presentation and tasting led by our sommelier.

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Rey Don Juan Carlos I

Helmut Schmidt

Steffi Graf

Leonard Bernstein

Valery Gergiev

Christoph Eschenbach


The young pianist Justus Franz bought the house musicians and 50 acres of land in 1971. Today Finca Justus Frantz is surrounded by tropical gardens, vineyards, palms and mango plantations, avocado and orange. Along with the known oenologists Franz began experimenting with wine 15 years ago, increasingly diverse varieties of grapes, hybridization and pushing for dramatic results.

Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca

Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca

Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca
Bodega Finca


Gran Canarias' Nature has been one of the inhabitants greatest pleasures for hundreds of years. One of the first pleasures is the enjoyable all year round climate. Wonderful weather that inspires a friendly and peaceful life. Nevertheless, it's not only the good weather we are talking about when we say that Nature has been kind to Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is a miniature continent with a display of very unusual landscapes in the midst of an enormously diverse archipelago. Unesco therefore decided to give the island the Biosphere Reserve recognition, in order to actively sustain the conservation of the pieces of this puzzle of natural settings, a different and very special microworld. Almost half of the geographical area of Gran Canaria has been included in the Reserve, covering six-core rural populations, linked to traditional activities.





But why is the nature of Gran Canaria worthy of an Unesco recognition? First of all, the island is a theme park of the strange and magical flora of Macaronesia. An open park that holds the treasure of plants and flowers that grew independently from the rest of the globe, with its own label of the region of Macaronesia. A natural world that has been living at its own pace for centuries, including the island's changing reliefs.

The altitude and steepness of the island's relief is the cause of the multitudinal microclimates and habitats. Reason why, the southwest of Gran Canaria has maintained its naturally protected environment throughout centuries. In this location there are many areas with Canary Island pine tree forests, a peculiar tree that's characteristics make it unique in the world. On the other hand, human activities have been added to the environment, to the point that it is difficult to differentiate the elements introduced by traditional work with the original landscape of the island, forming all a peculiar landscape mosaic, that is now being looked after for future generations.


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